Submit a Form

Submit your own forms and requests from Reconnect Community.

Submitting a Form

If allowed by your program, you can submit forms and requests directly from the Reconnect Community app. To submit a form:

  1. Select the orange plus sign at the bottom of the app screen.
  2. Choose the Submit a Form option.
  3. Select the type of form you would like to submit.
  4. Complete the form.

Saving a Draft

If at any point you would like to save your form entry and come back to it later you can do so:

  1. To save a draft, select the Save Draft button from within the form.
  2. To access the draft in the future, select the account icon in the top right of the app screen.
  3. Scroll down to the Form Submissions option.
  4. Any form draft will have an Edit button that will open the form for you to work on.

Checking the Status of Your Form Submission

You can check the status of your form after submitting it:

  1. Select the account icon in the top right of the app screen.
  2. Go to the Form Submissions option.
  3. A status of Pending means the form has been submitted but has not yet been acted on by your case manager.
  4. The status will switch to Approved or Rejected when your case manager has reviewed the submission.